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Buying from online bookstores through this page will support the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) - a non-profit lay organization dedicated to helping people who have psoriasis.

Several online bookstores have programs that pay a commission on any sale made through affiliated web pages like this one. All commissions generated by using this page will be donated directly from the bookstores to the NPF.

Any purchases, not just books, will benefit the NPF, but only if one navigates to the online stores through the links on this page. The purchase price will be the same, whether linked through this page or not. Usually, linking to a book directly from this page will result in a higher commission than linking to the bookstore and surfing to the book.

This page was created by Jerry J only to benefit the NPF. The donations from the bookstores are made directly to the NPF. Jerry J has no official connection to the NPF and receives no money from this.

Neither Jerry J nor the NPF will see any details of specific orders. Linking through this page cannot result in being spammed, any more than doing the same transaction directly with the bookstore.

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Notes from the author of this page:

I am solely responsible for this page. I welcome your comments and criticisms.
I have no connection with the NPF (other than totally supporting their mission). They did not ask me to do this.
The NPF does not endorse or recommend any of the books for sale. Neither do I.
I initially compiled this list of books by simply searching for the word "psor*" on each store's site.
You can do the same, using the search tools below (which will also benefit the NPF if you buy anything there).
Books listed as "Out of Print", "Limited Availablilty", "Special Order" or "Hard to Find" were not included.
I will attempt to keep this list current, but cannot guarantee it.
If you want the details of the bookstore contracts, click here.
Dave W. provided a starting point for this page by kindly contributing his book list.

Thanks for using this page! Buy lots of stuff! Tell your friends!

Best Regards,
Jerry J

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